Dijana Dominis Prester

   Dijana Dominis Prester, PhD
   Associate professor

   Office: 0-110
   Phone:. +385 51 584604
   E-mail: dijana-at-phy.uniri.hr

   Radmile Matejčić 2, 51000 Rijeka


   - Modern physics II
   - Basics of physics II
   - Computational physics
   - Methodology of scientific work presentation
   - Observational astrophysics

   Lecture materials are available online
   for the enrolled students in MUDRI base.

Curriculum vitae (in English)


2007 - today: University of Rijeka

2002-2006: University Potsdam and Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, Germany (PhD student)

PhD Thesis:
"The role of binary stars in searching for extrasolar planets by microlensing and astrometry", Universität Potsdam, Njemačka, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, defended 02.11.2006., Supervisor: Prof. Joachim Wambsganss, Co-supervisor: Dr. Hans Zinnecker

1996-2002: University of Zagreb (teaching assistant)

2000-2001: Universitaets-Sternwarte, LMU, Muenchen, Germany (DAAD fellowship)

Master of science thesis:
"Global optimization using genetic algorithm and a model of a massive binary system V356 Sgr", University of Zagreb, 11.06.2001, Supervisor: Prof. Krešimir Pavlovski.

1989-1995: studying physics at the University of Zagreb

- 9 months at Institut fuer Astronomie der Universitaet Wien (OEAD scholarship)

Diploma thesis:
"Starburst galaxies and u_z v_z b_z y_z photometric system", University of Zagreb, 12.01.1996., Supervisor: Prof. Karl Rakos (University of Vienna)


  • gamma astronomy: active member of MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov) international collaboration since 2008, and CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array) collaboration since 2009
  • searching for extrasolar planets using microgravitational lensing method: active member of  PLANET (Probing Lensing Anomalies NETwork) collaboration since 2003


Research projects (principal investigator):

  • Main Observation Scheduler of the MAGIC collaboration (since 2013)
  • Hombase Coordinator of the PLANET collaboration (since 2010)
  • Croatian representative in the Steering Committee of the LST Collaboration (within the
    CTA consortium) 2015-now
  • Coordinator for international relations of the Physics Department (University of Rijeka)