Ivica, Ivo Orlić

  Ph.D. Ivo, Ivica Orlić
Professor (retired)

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1989 PhD in Physics, University of Zagreb, Croatia
1983 Master degree in Physics, University of Zagreb, Ruđer Bošković Institut
1979 Bachelor of Science, University of Rijeka
1960-72 Primary and secondary school, Punat the Island of Krk and Rijeka, respectively


Ruder Boskovic Institute, Research associate and PhD student
Free University, Amsterdam
National University of Singapore, Post Doc, research scientist, senior lecturer, deputy director of Research Center for Nuclear Microanalysis
Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation, Sydney, Australia, Senior research scientist
As a consultant of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna) took part in a number of expert missions to developing countriessuch as Africa, Asia, Sout America

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Naveen P. Bhatia, Ivo Orlic, Rainer Siegele, Nanjappa Ashwath, Alan J. M. Baker and Kerry B. Walsh, Elemental mapping using PIXE shows the main pathway of nickel movement is principally symplastic within the fruit of the hyperaccumulator Stackhousia tryonii, New Phytologist, 160 Page 479, 2003

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