Rajka Jurdana-Šepić

     Rajka Jurdana-Šepić, PhD
Associate professor

Curriculum vitae (.pdf)

Office  O-109, phone (051) 584 608
E-mail address: jurdana@phy.uniri.hr
Personal web page: www.phy.uniri.hr/~jurdana
- Physics II (Electricity  and magnetism) till 2012
- Physics III
- History of physics
- Didactics of laboratory physics
- Interdisciplinary subjects in physics teaching
- Science popularisation
- Extracurricular science and mathematical  activities

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Born in Rijeka (1965.), graduated  MatheMatics and Physics at Faculty of Education University of Rijeka  (1988.), masters of science  (1992.) and PhD  (2000.) in Atomic and molecular physics at Faculty ofsscience University of Zagreb.
Married  (1994), mother of two daugthers (1994, 1997)

More..  Curriculum vitae (.pdf)  and personal web page.


- Dipartimento di Astronomia, Universita di Trieste, Italy, 1994.
- 12th European Astrophisical Doctoral Network, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain,
- Osservatorio Astrofisico di Asiago, Universita di Padova, Italy,  kontinuirano od 2001.
- Harvard College Observatory, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA, 2011.
- workshops od the course Quality improvement of  teaching an learning in higher education“, Universitas, Rijeka, 2002
- "Motivation skills"  training-seminar  of the course  “Manager skils ”,  Dragon d.o.o., , Rijeka, 2004
- "Strategic Management of Staff Development at University", Tempus SCM project, Training Seminar, Dubrovnik, 2005
- "Learning, Teaching and Supervising: selection of staff development topics", Tempus SCM project, SMSDU Training Seminar, Rijeka, 2005
- "E-learning  in teaching practice", IT Academy, University of Rijeka, 2008
- "Strategic management  on the university" , educational programme, Faculty of ekonomy, University of Rieka, Delnice, 2008


Current Contents publicatios:

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Astrophysics  (symbiotic stars, M type stars, cataclismic variables, archive photometry, solar physics)
Educational physics (conceptual understanding,  experiments in classrom and e- environment)
Science popularisation 


1989, Shipyard  «3. maj» Rijeka, CAD/CAM center
From 1990. University of Rijeka (Faculty of Education, Faculty of arts and sciences, Physics department)
Vicedean of accademic affaires, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, 2004.-2008.
Head of Department of Physics, 2014. -