Zdravko Lenac

alt      Ph. D. ZDRAVKO LENAC

     Curriculum vitae: .pdf

     Office: O-012
     Phone: 584 614
     E-mai: zdravko.lenac@ri.ht.hr
        Undergraduate Study
           - Quantum Mechanics
           - Quantum Physics and Applications
        Graduate Study
           - Advanced quantum mechanics
           - Fundamentals of quantum mechanics
           - Theoretical Physics and Applications II
           - Solid State Physics
           - Solid State Physics I

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Born: 19 January 1949, Rijeka, Croatia.
1956-1964 Primary School, Rijeka.
1964-1968 High school, Rijeka.
1968-1973 Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Graduate Engineering Study in Physics
1973-1980 Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb.
1973-1976 University of Zagreb, Postgraduate Study in Theoretical Solid State Physics.
1980- 2000 Faculty of Philosophy (to 1988: Faculty of Education), University of Rijeka.
1980 PhD: Electronic spectroscopy of metal surfaces.
1981 Research Associate and Assistant Professor
1988. Senior Research Associate and Associate Professor
1997 Senior Scientist and Full Professor
2000-2009 The University of Rijeka Rectorate
2001 Full Professor, permanent position
2009-present Department of Physics, University of Rijeka


1984.-1998 International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy
2000-present Participant and the holder of more than ten EU projects


-  Z.Lenac, M.Šunjić: The theory of electron scattering from multipolar vibrations of adsorbates,
    J.Chem.Phys. 85 (1986) 3058.
-  Z.Lenac, M.Šunjić: Delocalized Wigner lattice on a dielectric layer with a metallic substrate
    Phys.Rev. B 46 (1992) 7821.
-  Z.Lenac, M.Šunjić: Excitation spectrum of a two-dimensional Wigner lattice,
    Phys.Rev. B 48 (1993) 14496.
-  Z.Lenac, M.Šunjić: Correlation energy of a two-dimensional electron gas,
    Phys.Rev. B 50 (1994) 10792.
-  Z.Lenac, M.Šunjić: Melting of the Wigner lattice at T=0,
    Phys.Rev. B 52 (1995) 11238.
-  Z.Lenac, M.Šunjić: Polaron in the Wigner Lattice,
    Phys.Rev. B 59 (1999) 6752
-  Z.Lenac: Quantum optic of dispersive dielectric media,
    Phys.Rev. A 68 (2003) 063815
-  Z.Lenac: Comment on Surface Plasmon Modes and the Casimir Energy,
    Phys.Rev.Lett. 96 (2006) 218901
-  Z.Lenac: Casimir pressure in a multilayer system with a fixed total length,
   Phys.Rev. A 82 (2010) 022117 
-  Z.Lenac, Ž.Crljen: Wigner lattice between two dielectric slabs: Image potential and Casimir effect,
   Phys.Rev. A 86 (2012) 022524 


Member of the Permanent Committee for Natural Sciences of Croatian Science Foundation, 2013-2015
Director for EU Projects and Innovations, 2009-present
Vice-Rector for Science, The University of Rijeka, 2000-2009.
Vice Dean for Education; Science; Business Relations, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, 1988-2000
President of the Governing Council of the University Library, University of Rijeka, 2002-present
Member of the Scientific Council for Natural Sciences of Ministry of Science and Technology, 1992-1998
Member of the Parent Committee for Physics of Ministry of Science and Technology, 1992-2000
Head of the Mathematical and Physical Society, Rijeka, 1994-1996
Member of the Organizing Committee of the Summer School for Young Physicists, Croatian Physical Society, 1992-1995
Member of the Committee for awarding scholarships to highly sophisticated programs, PGC, 1992-2000


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