Gordana Žauhar

   Gordana Žauhar, PhD

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   Office O-015, phone: +385 51 584 647
   E-mail: gordana.zauhar@uniri.hr
   E-mail: gordana.zauhar@medri.uniri.hr
  • Medical physics and biophysics
  • Biophysics
  • Physics and biophysics
  • Biostatistics
  • Medical statistics and informatics
  • Statistics
  • Ionizing and nonionizing radiation
  • Physics and technology of medical ultrasound

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Born in 1963. Graduated in 1986 at Pedagogic Faculty, University of Rijeka and got B.Sc. in chemistry and physics.  Finished the postgraduate studies of medical physics at the Faculty of Science on the University of Zagreb, degree Master of Science in physics in 1994 and PhD degree in Physics in 2001. Married (1987), mother of two sons (1988, 1997).


10/1986 – 03/1987 - secondary school in Rijeka (teacher)
01/2000 – 05/2001 - Clinical Hospital Rijeka, Department of Radiology and Oncology (medical physicists)
From March 1987 until now - employed at Faculty of Medicine, University of Rijeka (Expert associate, Assistant, Senior Assistant, Assistant professor, Associate Professor)
From October 2015 - employed at Department of Physics, University of Rijeka as Associate Professor


Medical Physics.
Inonizing and nonionizing radiation
Medical ultrasound

  • 1996 - EFOMP Travel Award for Young Physicists – visit to Medical Physics Department at Royal United Hospital in Bath, UK
  • In 1996 and 1999 - The scholarships from The Primorsko-Goranska County (Republic of Croatia) - spend a period of four months at the Medical Physics Department at Royal United Hospital in Bath, UK. 
  • September 2003 - bursary from the IPEM (The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine) for attending 9th Annual Scientific Meeting of the IPEM in Bath, UK
  • visiting researcher at National Physical Laboratory (NPL), Acoustics Division, in London (Teddington, UK) in 2008 (6 months), 2010 (2 months), 2011 (2 months), 2012 (2 months) and in 2014 (2 months)

List of publications indexed in CC:
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