Darko Mekterović

   doc. dr. sc. DARKO MEKTEROVIĆ
   Assistant Professor

   Curriculum vitae ( .pdf)     

   portfolio UNIRI (in Croatian)

   Office: O-018
   Telephone: 584 6161
   E-mail: darko.mekterovic@phy.uniri.hr
    - Fizika elementarnih čestica I (Elementary particle physics I)
    - Matematičke metode fizike II (Mathematical methods in physics II)
  -Eksperimentalne metode u fizici II (Experimental methods in physics II)


- 2015-now: Department of  Physics, University of  u Rijeka; Assistant Professor
- 2012-2014: Ruđer Bošković Institute; collaborator on FP7 project "Particle Detectors"
- 2009-2012: National Central University Taiwan, with permanent stay at CERN; Postdoctoral Research Fellow
- 2009 defense of Ph.D thesis at Faculty of Science of University Zagreb
- 2002-2009: Ruđer Bošković Institute; Ph.D student, Assistant
- 2001 Diploma in physics at Faculty of Science of University Zagreb


I. Mekterović, D. Mekterović, Ž. Maglica, “BactImAS: a platform for processing and analysis of bacterial time-lapse microscopy movies.”, BMC Bioinformatics 15 (2014) 251

S. Chatrchyan et al. (CMS Collaboration), “Measurement of the triple-differential cross section for photon+jets production in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s)=7 TeV”, JHEP 1406 (2014) 009

S. Chatrchyan et al. (CMS Collaboration), “Measurement of the Differential Cross Section for Isolated Prompt Photon Production in pp Collisions at 7 TeV”, Phys.Rev. D84 (2011) 052011

D. Mekterović et al., “Differential cross sections of the charge-exchange reaction pi- p ---> pi0 n in the momentum range from 103 MeV/c to 178 MeV/c”, Phys.Rev. C80 (2009) 055207


Experimental hadron physics, elementary particle physics, nuclear analytical techniques, environmental science.