Ivana Poljančić Beljan

alt       Ivana Poljančić Beljan, PhD
      Assistant Professor 

      Curriculum vitae (.pdf)

      Office: O - 115, tel. 0038551 584 623
      E-mail: ipoljancic@phy.uniri.hr

     Courses (2017./2018.):

     Department of Physics

     Physics I (Mechanics)
     Physics II (Electricity and magnetism)
     Demonstration Experiments for Physics Teachers Training

     Laboratory Experiments for Physics Teachers Training
     History of Physics

     Department of Informatics
     Fundamentals of Physics 2

     Faculty of Medicine
Medical Physics and Biophysics



Born in Rijeka (1984). 
Graduated Mathematics and Physics at Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka (2008) with graduate thesis in astrophysics Determination of  atmospheric parameters of galactic B supergiants”). 
Finished Phd studies at Karl-Franzens University Graz, Austrija (2016) - PhD thesis in solar physics "Properties of the solar velocity field indicated by motions of sunspot groups and coronal bright points"

Junior researcher (2009 - 2015) at the Department of physics, University of Rijeka.
Lecturer (2015 - present) at the Department of physics, University of Rijeka.
Married (2011), mother of two children (2011, 2016)


Astrophysics (solar physics – solar rotation, observational aspects of solar activity; young stellar objects) 

Educational physics


- University of Rijeka, Academy of Informatical Technologies, Training programme, Implementation of  e-learning in teaching process, Rijeka, 2009.

- Summer School NOVICOSMO 2009, Highlights in Astrophysics, Rabac, 20. - 30. 9. 2009.

- University of Rijeka, Academy of Informatical Technologies, Training programme PANOPTO, Rijeka, 2010.

- Osservatorio Astrofisico Universita di Padova, Padova, 11. – 15. 10. 2010.

- Kanzelhöhe Observatory for Solar and Environmental Research, University of Graz, Kanzelhöhe, 19. – 21. 12. 2014.


- 3rd Rijeka School of Physics, member of the organisational board, Rijeka, Croatia, April 2014
- 2nd Rijeka School of Physics, member of the organisational board, Rijeka, Croatia, March 2013
- Summer School in Astrophysics Novicosmo 2009: "Highlights in Astrophysics", member of the organisational board, Rabac, Croatia, 2009
- GIREP - EPEC conference, Frontiers of physics education, Opatija, August 2007


2015 - present: Lecturer, Department of Physics, University of Rijeka, Croatia
2009 - 2015: PhD student, junior researcher, Department of Physics, University of Rijeka, Croatia
2007   Professor of mathematics, Comprehensive school Delnice, Croatia


2014 - Solar rotation and photometry of variable stars, project of the University of Rijeka
2014 - SOLSTEL (Solar and Stellar Variabillity), HRZZ (nr. 6212)
2012 - Environment for Human and Robotic Experimentation in Space (EU FP7)
2011 - Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Energetic Particles (collaborative project funded by the FP7)
2010 - 2013 "Diagnostics and physical properties of circumstellar matter" (MZOŠ)
2009 "Development and modeling of physical concepts in classroom and e-environment" (MZOŠ)



Current Contents publications:

1.   Poljančić Beljan, I., Jurdana-Šepić, R., Brajša, R., Sudar, D., Ruždjak, D.,Hržina, D., Pötzi, W., Hanslmeier, A., Veronig, A., Skokić, I., Wöhl, H.: Solar differential rotation in the period 1964 - 2016 determined by the Kanzelhöhe data set, Astronomy and Astrophysics606 (2017), A72 (Q1, if = 5.565)

2.   Jurdana-Šepić, R., Brajša, R., Wöhl, H., Hanslmeier, A., Poljančić, I., Svalgaard, L., Gissot, S. F.: A relationship between the solar rotation and activity in the period 1998–2006 analysed by tracing small bright coronal structures in SOHO-EIT images, Astronomy and Astrophysics534 (2011), A17 (Q1, if  = 4.587)

3.   Ruždjak, D., Brajša, R., Sudar, D., Skokić, I., Poljančić Beljan, I.: A Relationship between the Solar Rotation and Activity Analysed by Tracing Sunspot Groups, Solar Physics292 (2017), 179, (Q2, if  = 2.682)

4.   Sudar, D., Saar, S. H., Skokić, I., Poljančić Beljan, I., Brajša, R.: Meridional motions and Reynolds stress from SDO/AIA coronal bright points data, Astronomy and astrophysics587 (2016), A29, (Q1, if  = 5.014)

5.   Sudar, D., Brajša, R., Skokić, I., Poljančić Beljan, I., Wöhl, H.: Meridional Motion and Reynolds Stress from Debrecen photoheliographic Data, Solar Physics292 (2017), 86, (Q2, if  = 2.682)

6.   Poljančić Beljan, I., Jurdana-Šepić, R., Semkov, E. H., Ibryamov, S., Peneva, S. P., Tsvetkov M. K.: Long-term photometric observations of pre-main sequence objects in the field of North America/Pelican Nebula, Astronomy and Astrophysics568 (2014), A49, (Q1, if = 4.378)

7.  Vršnak, B., Dumbović, M., Čalogović, J., Verbanac, G., Poljančić Beljan, I., Geomagnetic effects of corotating interaction regions, Solar Physics292 (2017),140, (Q2, if  = 2.682)

8.  Ruždjak, D., Sudar, D., Brajša, R., Skokić, I., Poljančić Beljan, I., Jurdana-Šepić, R., Hanslmeier, A., Veronig, A., Pötzi, W., Meridional Motions and Reynolds Stress Determined by using Kanzelhöhe Drawings and White Light Solar Images from 1964 to 2016, Solar Physics293 (2018), 59, (Q2, if  (2017) = 2.682)

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