Maria Kolympadi Markovic

   dr. sc. Maria Kolympadi Markovic

   Curriculum vitae (files/CV_MKolympadi.pdf.pdf)

   Ured: O-S16
   Telefon: 585 612

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2004-2010: Organic Chemistry, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL).
Ph.D.’s title: 'Synthesis of C-linked Disaccharides and Analogues as Biomimetics of the
TF epitope'.
2001-2003: Organic Chemistry, University of Athens
Master’s project: semisynthesis of terpenoid marine natural products.
Scholarship for postgraduate studies from the ‘Greek State Scholarships Foundation’.
1997-2001: Chemistry, University of Athens
Diploma project: synthesis of insect pheromones, substances useful for environment friendly crop protection.


Post-Doctoral Researcher, Department of Physics, University of Rijeka
Participation in a multi-disciplinary research project of Croatian Science Foundation under the direction of Associate Prof.: Gabriela Ambrožić: 'Preparation of porous thin-film materials for water purification using atomic layer deposition (ALD)'.
2014: Pharmaceutical R&D Collaborator (8 months), LISAPHARM Laboratoires, Paris, France,
in collaboration with the Faculty of Pharmacy, University Paris Descartes
Development: Improving the physical and organoleptic properties of a pharmaceutical gel-cream. Reformulation and preliminary stability studies. The project furnished positive results for further product development.
2010-2012: Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland,
Prof. Reinhard Neier’s group
Participation in a multi-disciplinary research project aiming at the development of an optical biosensor detecting early protein aggregation stages in Alzheimer’s disease. Collaboration with scientists from Microcity, EPFL in Neuchâtel.
Chemical modification studies of the sensor surface.
Teaching assistant for laboratory classes of general chemistry.
2004-2010: Doctoral Assistant, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland
Prof. Pierre Vogel’s group
Research project on the synthesis of sugarmimicsfor the preparation of anti-cancer vaccines.
Synthesis of fluorinated carbohydrates, NMR conformational studies and interactions with carbohydrate recognizing proteins. Collaboration with a Spanish research group.
Supervision of undergraduate and master’s students.
2004-2006:Teaching assistantfor laboratory classes of organic chemistry.
2001-2003: Teaching assistant, University of Athens, Greece
Laboratory classes of organic chemistry. Supervision of undergraduate students.




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